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View to the current economical crises we believe that cutting cost became a very important issue.
This is one of the reasons that made us develop the Travel Filing System which we strongly believe it will be a great benefit to your company:

  • Save time
  • Save filing space
  • Minimize paper consumption.

View, download, print any saved document from the internet

Fully integrated with ITOMS the travel filing system main role is:

  1. Agency filing: Drag and drop E-mails to the corresponding agency screen.|
  2. Supplier filing: Drag and drop E-mails to the corresponding supplier.
  3. PNR filing: Vouchers, service orders, payment orders, itinerary, request forms, invoices, debit and credit notes are automatically attached to the PNR.

                           - Drag incoming E-mails and drop it in the PNR.
                           - Scan incoming faxes or any document from the PNR.

In addition to the existing categories such as incoming outgoing, rates, confirmation you can add your own categories to simplify your search.

Retrieving documents:
There are two ways to display the saved document:
Directly from the PNR or the agencies and suppliers screen by clicking on the attachment TAB.
Using the web based search screen from the net.